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Billy Williams League
Last game played: Sat Jun 22 02:09:15 PM Eastern Time
Commish: mhollidaze
Co-Commish: ptech
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TeamOwner*PM   Email AddressTeam NotesLast ActiveOwner SinceRenewedSubscription?
  Baltimore Horned Larks kpoulin64 kpoulin64 (10-30-2016) 06-22-2024205007-10-2024 Yes
  Boston Tea Party lordlau1 lordlau1 Owner since 2065. Always making trades. Trade Desk updated regularly, but everyone is always available. I have draft picks: 2068 - Bos/Sea/Mon 1sts. 2069 - Bos 1st/2nd and Stl 1st. 2070 - Bos 1st/2nd and Stl 1st. (05-12-2024) 06-21-2024206607-16-2024 Yes
  Chicago Wind Sox I> lyle© lyle (06-24-2021) 06-20-2024206707-20-2024
  New York Phantom Squirrels historymann49 historymann49 Willing to trade players or picks. (07-03-2019) 06-21-2024203006-25-2024 Yes
  Oakland Oaks ptech ptech (03-01-2021) 06-22-2024205206-24-2024 Yes
  Seattle Sounds fentuzler47 fentuzler47 (08-31-2021) 06-21-2024205006-19-2024
  Texas Triggermen tneal tneal (01-13-2011) 01-24-2024206401-21-2024 Yes
  Washington Naturals Leonard© Leonard (08-23-2021) 06-22-2024206707-22-2024
  Brooklyn Blue Sox UNOWNED None Wheel Draft Picks: 2062=4th, 2063=13th, 2064=9th, 2065=8th, 2066=1st (06-04-2023) 11-24-2023206411-24-2023
  Chicago Douchenozzles alanneff317 alanneff317 (05-16-2009) 06-20-2024201607-12-2024 Yes
  Colorado Pipers geosfreddy geosfreddy (10-29-2022) 06-21-2024205206-26-2024
  Montreal Royaux NoelDenuyst NoelDenuyst (10-18-2017) 06-18-2024198207-15-2024 Yes
  Pittsburgh Crawfords chbutt chbutt (11-07-2021) 06-22-2024205507-04-2024 Yes
  San Diego Bandits kswetnam kswetnam (07-12-2012) 06-12-2024199207-25-2024 Yes
  San Francisco Nauti Ladies jmckeean jmckeean (02-25-2010) 06-22-2024197907-15-2024 Yes
  St. Louis Explorers fredbirds fredbirds (10-27-2020) 06-22-2024206107-13-2024 Yes
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