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Speed Leagues need replacement and expansion owners, teams available for a discount!
We have several Speed League teams that are looking for Replacement and Expansion owners.

For Term League Expansion teams, you will get a $25 discount off of the price of a new team and control the team for about 8 months. You will participate in an Expansion draft that disperses the players to the new teams. For Replacement teams, you get the rest of this 8 month period, plus the next 8 month period for a cost of between $45 to $55. For Subscription replacement teams, you will get 1 month free!

Click here for the current list of teams and signup links.

In addition, if you purchase 2 subscription teams in a given week, we will credit your account with 50% of the initial cost of a subscription team. If you purchase 3 teams, we will credit the full initial cost for one of the subscription teams. Just create a support ticket to request your credit!

Forum Status
I believe the forum issues are resolved. The culprit was an aggressive AI bot, you can read the details in the News forum.

Forum Issues
Once again the forums have decided to be balky. We have an idea where the trouble lies but not why. They are up but they are frequently timing out. We are working on it but it may take a couple of days to resolve; we apologize for the inconvenience.

Site Security Update
While I have not yet been able to determine conclusively that a recent site security breach has occurred, I have identified several areas where site security could be improved. Techniques that were "good enough" ten years ago are no longer as secure.

I am working now on upgrading the identified areas; when the changes are implemented, you will be required to change your password so it can be re-encoded using the newer methods. Please take a moment to check your Owner Profile and make sure your E-mail address on file is correct; otherwise, you will not be able to reset your password if needed.

Credit Karma is reporting a data breach for Note the spelling; that is not our site name. I don't know if this is the beginning of some sort of extortion attempt on us (it wouldn't be the first time), or if it's valid and Credit Karma simply misspelled the site name. We are investigating it now. They appear to at least have some email addresses, but those are easily scraped from the site or forum for anyone who has their email address visible. The supposed password they had for me only showed asterisks and was far too short for any password I have had in the last ten years.

You may recall that ten years ago we did have a genuine site breach; the person behind the breach had brief access to an administrative tool where passwords could be looked up, and was able to scrape the email addresses from the forum. As a result, we replaced the forum software and the site security was upgraded. All passwords now are stored as only a hash in an encrypted form so even Admin can't look them up, only replace them. The forum software similarly encrypts passwords. Without the "salt" applied to the encrypted password hashes, decrypting them to plaintext would be a time-consuming brute-force endeavor.

Nevertheless, we are investigating if a breach did or could take place. I suspect someone has a file of E-mail addresses with random asterisks. But it never hurts to change your password and make sure you aren't using the same password on multiple sites.

Site Performance Issues
Now that the forums are rebuilt, we've turned our attention to the site performance issues. We believe we have identified a couple of possible problem areas. We've put in some database fixes tonight that should help, and we may need to slightly adjust some league schedules by a few minutes in either direction to reduce conflicts. It may take a couple of days for these adjustments to have the desired effect, but we believe it will reduce the performance problems and the rash of missing games. Thank you for your patience!

Forum Update
As I am sure you are all aware, the forum issues have gotten so severe that it has become practically impossible to use the forum.

Due to the persistent forum issues, I have stopped trying to fix and patch the server and instead tore it down and rebuilt it completely with more modern underpinnings. The rebuilt forum is now available.

Beta server has resumed play
The baseball Beta server has resumed play. It's been frozen for a very long time due to a complex playoff situation; we picked a team to move ahead and let the others play a playoff to get things moving again, as we need to test some fixes to the DynastyBot.

Free Credits for Voting
We had a technical issue with the "vote for us for Top Web Game" option on the Free Credits page and had to take it offline; this issue has been resolved, so you can again vote to earn credits. We are looking into other free credit opportunities as well.

Trial League reset minimum to be changed from 4 teams to 8
In Trial leagues, Owners have the option of requesting to keep their teams into a new Trial league. Until now, a league has needed at least 4 teams to say they are staying to be recreated as a new league. Unfortunately, one of the results of this is that we have a lot of leagues with 4 teams waiting for new owners, greatly increasing the amount of time it takes to get leagues running again. The purpose of Trial leagues is to introduce new Owners into the game, but if those Owners have to wait weeks to actually play, many will lose interest and never come back. Thus, we are changing the minimum number of teams that want to continue from 4 to 8 to try to get leagues back into the game faster.

Subscription Name Change
I've gotten questions about the PayPal subscription now showing "Teelo Technologies" rather than "Sim Dynasty". Teelo Technologies has always been the legal name of Sim Dynasty; it is named for our founder, Tyson Lowery. There has been no change to Sim Dynasty's ownership, it is just a display change on PayPal.

Dynasty Schedule
In the past the Dynasty League end of season schedule has been manually posted in the forum. This has led to times were the posting of the schedule was not consistent. We have automated the schedule now; it will always be on your Help menu under Dynasty Renewal Schedule.

Access to old forums and U2U
Prior to September 2017 we used a different forum; the messages archived in this forum are available to view via the old forum browser The old forum browser does not support all of the formatting options the original did, but it does support attachments and display polls. In addition, if you have a highly formatted post you need to move to the new forum, there is a "View BBCode" link so you can view the post with the format codes intact, making for much easier copying. You also have access to your old U2U box. It is read-only like the rest of the browser, but you will have access to the messages at least.

Join us on Facebook
Join your fellow owners in discussing Sim Dynasty, MLB, and the NFL on Facebook. We'll occasionally post special offers and giveaways exclusively for our Facebook fans, so please visit our Facebook page and click on "Like" to be one of the first to know and be eligible for prize giveaways such as free teams and T-Shirts!

Refer-a-Friend Program
If you like Sim Dynasty, be sure to tell your friends about it. You can earn free credits for doing so. Make sure you use the special referral link so you earn credits, you can select the link under Dynasty Dollars or simply click here.

Not receiving Sim Dynasty emails?
If you aren't receiving the verification email, or any other email from us, please see these notes that we put together on how to resolve this with various email services. Email Filters and White Lists