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Dynasty League replacement teams available
Interested in joining one of our 3 game per day Dynasty leagues? Replacement teams are now available in some of our Dynasty leagues; see the Replacement Teams Available page for a list. Replacement teams are $12.00, which buys you the remainder of this season and all of next season. The earlier you take over one of these teams, the more play you get for your money!

Blocking Trade Proposals
As a group, we tend to have a good group of team owners who get along well. However, on occasion we do find that some owners find trade proposals from particular owners an annoyance, either due to the quality or quantity of the offers. If there is an owner you do not wish to trade with, go to your Help menu and select Block Trades, and you will be able to enter the name of the owner you do not wish to trade with. Trades will be blocked in both directions; existing trade proposals will be unaffected.

If you don't want any trades at all, you can disable trades from all owners, again in both directions.

Note that these settings are system wide, not just for this league. So if you block trades with SampleOwner, you won't be able to trade with SampleOwner in any baseball league.

You can, of course, remove trade blocks that you have initiated. You can't remove blocks set by other owners or by Admin.

Temporary Support Slowdown
Admin Chris is recovering from heart surgery. We are catching up Support now, and should be back on a normal schedule soon.

Private message count is back
You can once again see how many private unread messages you have. However, please note that this number is only updated once every 5 minutes, so if it shows you have a private message and you go to read it, it will still show one unread message for up to 5 minutes.

Site Rules Updated
The Site Rules have been updated. Most of the changes are simple clarifications of existing rules, such as:

There are a couple of genuine "new rules" but these are essentially extensions of existing rules: Please take a moment to read the site rules as your coninued play represents your agreement to follow them.

Game results available
The error keeping game results from being displayed has been fixed.

New menu system
For owners using the Dynamic menu system, your menus will look a bit different. These menus should have better compatibility with more browsers and mobile devices. If you have issues with the new menu, please let me know what browser and device you are on.

Mobile Site
The mobile-optimized pages are meant for small screens like phones; they may not be effective on a tablet-sized device even though it will be detected as mobile. The Help menu has an option to ignore the device detection and force the mobile or full site views.

Trouble With Menus?
If you are having trouble with the menus, there may be a compatibility issue with your browser.

We recommend that all users choose either Dynamic Below Ads or Static. You can change this setting by going to Edit Owner Profile.

Additional credit conversion options for Dynasty owners
For those that only play in Dynasty leagues, the recently issued credits are in inconvenient amounts; for example, you may have been issued $10 in credit but your conversion options are for $5.99 or $10.95 for D$500 or D$1000, leaving you credit you can't use. I have added options to convert in $5 increments to make it easier for you to use your credit, and a note on your Renewal page reminding you that this credit is available. Go to your Account page to see your credit. You can use the credit conversion page to convert to Dynasty Dollars if needed.

League Boards Now Available
The first time an owner accesses your league board, the new board will be created automatically.

Outage Credit Issued
All paid users have been issued site credit to compensate for the inconvenience of the outage and recovery. You'll have $10 credit if you have ever paid for a team, plus $5 for each active paid baseball or football team (active meaning you are less than 10 days past your expiration date, or in a current Term or Dynasty season). Go to your Account page to see your credit. You can use the credit conversion page to convert to Dynasty Dollars if needed.

Forums Back Online
We have setup some basic forums at If you cannot access them, log out and log back in and your message board account will be automatically created and/or updated with your new password.

Statement on the Outage
We E-mailed a statement on the outage to all users. If you missed that statement, it can be found here.

We are in the process of replacing our forum software. If you need to get in touch with Admin for anything, please contact us at

Change to Dynasty and Trial minor league system
We are changing the minor league system used by Trial and Dynasty leagues from System 2 to System 5. Thank you all for your input on the subject! Leagues will be switching over across the next 3 seasons; more information and the rollout schedule are in the News forum.

Temporary chat room available
We are in the process of building a new Chat system. Until that system is ready, one of our owners has set up a temporary chat room. For your convenience, we have linked to that chat room on the Chat page.

Speed Leagues need replacement and expansion owners, teams available for a discount!
We have several Speed League teams that are looking for Replacement and Expansion owners.

For Term League Expansion teams, you will get a $25 discount off of the price of a new team and control the team for about 8 months. You will participate in an Expansion draft that disperses the players to the new teams. For Replacement teams, you get the rest of this 8 month period, plus the next 8 month period for a cost of between $45 to $55. For Subscription replacement teams, you will get 1 month free!

Click here for the current list of teams and signup links.

In addition, if you purchase 2 subscription teams in a given week, you are eligible for 50% off the initial cost of a subscription team. If you purchase 3 teams, we will waive the initial cost for one of the subscription teams. Details can be found here.

Introducing the DynastyBot
For a variety of reasons, we have added an automated team owner called the DynastyBot. You may notice this in some Dynasty leagues this season, or in some Speed leagues in the future. DynastyBot will do some basic team management. For the full details and rationale behind this feature, please see this thread.

Join us on Facebook
Join your fellow owners in discussing Sim Dynasty, MLB, and the NFL on Facebook. We'll occasionally post special offers and giveaways exclusively for our Facebook fans, so please visit our Facebook page and click on "Like" to be one of the first to know and be eligible for prize giveaways such as free teams and T-Shirts!

Sim Dynasty Merchandise
We have a variety of items such as T-Shirts and Hats available through our shop with Click here to get your Sim Dynasty gear.

Refer-a-Friend Program
If you like Sim Dynasty, be sure to tell your friends about it. You can earn free credits for doing so. Make sure you use the special referral link so you earn credits, you can select the link under Dynasty Dollars or simply click here.

Not receiving Sim Dynasty emails?
If you aren't receiving the verification email, or any other email from us, please see these notes that we put together on how to resolve this with various email services. Email Filters and White Lists

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