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Team owner: lordlau1 PM, last active on 07-14-2024

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Notes from team owner lordlau1: Owner since 2065. Always making trades. Trade Desk updated regularly, but everyone is always available. I have draft picks: 2068 - Bos/Sea/Mon 1sts. 2069 - Bos 1st/2nd and Stl 1st. 2070 - Bos 1st/2nd and Stl 1st.  (Updated 2024-05-12)
Majors Minors
Starting Pitchers Starting Pitchers
Ryan DeMontreville On trade block since 2065-08-03: A-37B-A+R1st StarterA-A-
George Sanders On trade block since 2068-03-25: A-28C+B-R2nd StarterB+A-
Lou Payne On trade block since 2068-03-25: B+27C-L3rd Starter
Dutch Phillips On trade block since 2067-05-05: A-33B-B-R4th StarterC+A+B-
Stan Leheny39D+A+R5th StarterC+B+
Johnny WrightB+23LB-B+B+12
Pete Chism22C+RA-B+B-11
Vallie SchaiveC+23C+RB-B-C-4
Bill Neitzke18RC+C-15
Relief Pitchers Relief Pitchers
Ricky Blankenship On trade block since 2066-06-04: B+35A+RLong Relief AA-B+
Herm McGraw On trade block since 2065-08-03: B+39C-A-RLong Relief BB+A-
Tom Rawley25D-RMiddle Relief AC+
George Voss On trade block since 2067-05-05: B+35C-B+LSetup ManC+
Jake LanfranconiB+27LSetup/CloserD-A-B-
Ollie Flitcraft On trade block since 2068-03-25: 27B+LCloserC+A+B+
Bud Smith22D+RB+10
Walter Rhines On trade block since 2066-06-04: B-20A+LD-D+6
John NicholsC+18RD-C-13
Catcher Catcher
Jake Clemons Batting Order: 5, Position: Catcher Batting Order: 4, Position: Catcher On trade block since 2066-06-04: CB+36D-B-A+B+A+B-D+
Satoru Hishikawa On trade block since 2066-08-16: CB-32A-C-B+B-A-C+D+A+
First Base First Base
Steve Silva Batting Order: 2, Position: First Base Batting Order: 1, Position: First Base1B/2BA-24A-A+B+A-
Chick Dettore1B25D+A-B-B-C+5
Second Base Second Base
Rafael Devers On trade block since 2068-03-25: 2BA-28C+B+A-A+A-B-
Burgess Scheffler Batting Order: 7, Position: Second Base Batting Order: 8, Position: Second Base2B/SSB+22A-B-A+A-A+C+
Fred Monroe2B19D-D+D+A-C-C-1
Third Base Third Base
Bill Wilmot On trade block since 2067-05-05: 3BA-31C+A-B-A+
Wes Gilham Batting Order: 8, Position: Third Base Batting Order: 7, Position: Third Base3B/1BB+39A+B+B-
Jamie Lockhart3B23D-C+A-A-C+7
Shortstop Shortstop
Art Rowland On trade block since 2066-07-30: SS/2B/3BB+28D-C-A-A+A-
Peter Worden Batting Order: 6, Position: Shortstop Batting Order: 6, Position: ShortstopSSB+24B+B+B+B+A-A-B+
Sal MilesSSB-18B-D+B+B+B+C-14
Left Field Left Field
Jo-Jo Gonzalez Batting Order: 3, Position: Left Field Batting Order: 5, Position: Left FieldLF/RFA-26B+A+B-A+A+B+B-
Lyle MorrisLF/SS/RFB+29A-A-A-B+
Lefty Koback On trade block since 2067-07-09: LF24C+A+A-B-C+C+8
Tom Stowers On trade block since 2066-09-22: LFB-24D-C+B+A-C-D+3
Center Field Center Field
Johnny Carpenter On trade block since 2066-07-30: OF/1BA-32A+A-B+B+
Ed Bella Batting Order: 4, Position: Center Field Batting Order: 3, Position: Center Field On trade block since 2065-08-03: CFA-34D-B+A+A+B+A-
Bill Ens On trade block since 2065-08-03: CF32B-A+B-A-C-B-2
Right Field Right Field
Delos Nealon Batting Order: 1, Position: Right Field Batting Order: 2, Position: Right Field Injured for 3 daysRFA-25A-A-A+C+
Dave SmithRF/LFC+20C+B-C+D+C+9
25 players on active roster. 15 players on minor league roster, 120 CP assigned.
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