Sim Dynasty


Minnie Minoso League
A.L. Standings
Team W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
Seattle Seawolves
Owner: drewk68 PM
3417.667--6-4L 1
New York Yankees
Owner: raverob PM
3318.6471.07-3W 3
Tampa Bay River Cats
Owner: scanman PM
3219.6272.06-4L 3
Toronto Aeros
Owner: chuckymanfreedy3 PM
2625.5108.04-6W 1
Kansas City Earthquakes
Owner: danno38852 PM
2427.47110.07-3W 2
Boston Emperors
Owner: Reagan1980 PM
2427.47110.04-6W 1
Chicago Whales
Owner: fg PM
2130.41213.04-6L 2
Anaheim Golden Aardvarks
Owner: rnxn PM
1041.19624.02-8L 1
N.L. Standings
Team W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
Montreal Royales
Owner: mr_fuji PM
3021.588--5-5W 1
San Francisco CoMpToNz GiAnTz
Owner: compton10101010 PM
2922.5691.06-4W 1
St. Louis Pioneers
Owner: fredbirds PM
2823.5492.07-3W 2
Brooklyn Brawlers
Owner: DeepThreat PM
2823.5492.04-6L 2
Cincinnati Riverboats
Owner: jrthecrusher PM
2625.5104.05-5L 1
Chicago Cubby Bears
Owner: Biggs21 PM
2625.5104.07-3W 1
Philadelphia Athletics
Owner: KennyEngland PM
2229.4318.03-7L 1
Atlanta Redhawks
Owner: mbaerwal PM
1536.29415.03-7L 1

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