Sim Dynasty


Ford Hernandez League
A.L. East W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
Los Angeles Hair Bands
Owner: rodrayha PM
7231.699--6-4W 3
Chicago Nighthawks
Owner: bostonhitz PM
6934.6703.06-4W 1
Minnesota Sasquatches
Owner: MidnightHurricane PM
5548.53417.05-5W 1
Texas Warlords
Owner: cboss420 PM
5449.52418.06-4W 2
Washington Northern Aggression
Owner: swope81 PM
3865.36934.05-5L 1
Detroit Rock City
Owner: BlondeBombshell PM
2776.26245.02-8W 1
A.L. West W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
Tampa Bay Devil Bucs
Owner: coachcfb1 PM
6835.660--8-2L 1
New York Novas
Owner: ShowTime PM
6142.5927.07-3W 3
Anaheim Thunder
Owner: Nycajun PM
5350.51515.05-5L 3
Boston Americans
Owner: Napper PM
4756.45621.03-7L 1
Cleveland Hitmen
Owner: XSwabbie PM
4756.45621.05-5L 2
Seattle Lunatic Fringe
Owner: FrosteeTBear PM
2776.26241.02-8L 3
N.L. East W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
San Francisco Angels
Owner: Frenchy616 PM
9112.883--9-1W 7
San Diego McNuggets
Owner: meazer PM
6934.67022.07-3L 2
Colorado Flying Tigers
Owner: natedally PM
4756.45644.06-4W 2
Philadelphia Liberty
Owner: jay15 PM
4063.38851.02-8L 2
Milwaukee Pounders
Owner: Underdog1629 PM
3568.34056.06-4L 2
Miami Lobos
Owner: bck919 PM
3073.29161.03-7W 1
N.L. West W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
St. Louis Cardinals
Owner: StriplingRz PM
7132.689--4-6W 1
Brooklyn Wild Geese
Owner: vladoya PM
6439.6217.06-4L 1
Pittsburgh Piranhas
Owner: Spidermonkeys PM
5548.53416.05-5L 1
Chicago Calamity
Owner: IC-Wrath PM
4261.40829.05-5W 2
Atlanta Thrashers
Owner: Zarek PM
4063.38831.04-6L 1
Montreal Expos
Owner: Aeros PM
3469.33037.03-7W 1

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