Sim Dynasty


Harmon Killebrew League
A.L. Standings
Team W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
New York Mets
Owner: metsman456 PM
2214.611--7-3W 3
Boston Red Fox
Owner: Splinter PM
2214.611--6-4L 2
Minnesota Mavericks
Owner: Leonard PM
2115.5831.05-5L 1
Baltimore Spinnakers
Owner: malamute19 PM
1917.5283.05-5W 3
Los Angeles Bombers
Owner: sduncan938 PM
1917.5283.06-4W 2
Tampa Bay Biscuits
Owner: leftguard52 PM
1521.4177.02-8L 4
Chicago BlackSox
Owner: kenfinley310 PM
1323.3619.06-4W 1
Toronto Wolfpack
Owner: bfisher156 PM
1323.3619.03-7L 3
N.L. Standings
Team W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
Brooklyn Cyclones
Owner: Greyfan PM
2511.694--6-4W 2
Houston Colt .45s
Owner: scorpiorc PM
2115.5834.08-2L 2
San Francisco Sharks
Owner: dennyv PM
1917.5286.04-6W 1
New York Giants
Owner: gd1765432 PM
1917.5286.06-4L 1
St. Louis Cardinals
Owner: faroneagles PM
1818.5007.05-5L 1
Chicago Jordanaires
Owner: rrus123 PM
1719.4728.05-5W 1
Cincinnati Red Legs
Owner: sayitisntso PM
1620.4449.02-8L 2
Milwaukee Brewers
Owner: akinglgo PM
927.25016.04-6W 2

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