Sim Dynasty


Fred Lynn League
A.L. Standings
Team W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
Seattle CoMpToNz PiLoTz
Owner: compton10101 PM
2510.714--6-4W 4
New York TrammellHOF
Owner: TrammellHOF PM
2015.5715.08-2W 4
Cleveland Mudd Soxs
Owner: chance4103 PM
2015.5715.04-6L 1
Baltimore Buzzards
Owner: cubfan PM
1916.5436.05-5L 4
Detroit Huggy Bears
Owner: winkabob PM
1619.4579.04-6L 1
Oakland Swingin As
Owner: YanksGiants2011 PM
1520.42910.04-6W 1
Washington Woodpeckers
Owner: woodpeckers PM
1421.40011.07-3W 1
Kansas City Braves
Owner: Phillip75 PM
1124.31414.02-8L 2
N.L. Standings
Team W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
Colorado Grouse
Owner: alanbannister PM
296.829--7-3W 1
Arizona Sun Devils
Owner: kpoulin64 PM
2411.6865.08-2W 4
Brooklyn MadMen
Owner: davedaniels PM
1718.48612.05-5L 3
Montreal Showboats
Owner: docjwe3 PM
1619.45713.04-6W 2
San Francisco Records
Owner: rootehound PM
1520.42914.04-6W 1
San Diego Padres
Owner: oldgoat58 PM
1520.42914.06-4L 1
St. Louis Marauders
Owner: toomuch PM
1223.34317.04-6L 1
Cincinnati Wolves
Owner: Wilverines PM
1223.34317.02-8L 4

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