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Luis Aparicio League
Last game played: Tue Jul 14 07:05:16 PM Eastern Time
Commish: 262run
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TeamOwner*PM   Email AddressTeam NotesLast ActiveOwner SinceRenewedSubscription?
  Boston Red Forx MortonsFork MortonsFork (05-16-2012) 07-13-2020200607-24-2020 Yes
  Cleveland Ragin Injuns 262run 262run (01-01-2000) 07-14-2020195008-29-2020 Yes
  Kansas City Royals bac0420 bac0420 (10-30-2014) 07-14-2020202908-02-2020 Yes
  Los Angeles Blue Angels dwilson dwilson (07-05-2011) 07-14-2020200508-07-2020 Yes
  Tampa Bay Tarpons Minions Minions (02-01-2010) 07-14-2020200307-05-2020
  Texas Red Raiders kswetnam kswetnam (01-01-2000) 07-14-2020199407-22-2020 Yes
  Toronto Penalty Box sirguru75 sirguru75 i have some decent prospects in the minors that aren't currently getting CPs... would move some to improve the Big Club... another couple pitchers needed, and maybe a solid bat. (05-03-2013) 07-14-2020197007-23-2020
  Washington A Team vickiroepke© vickiroepke (01-01-2000) 07-07-2020203310-06-2020
  Arizona MudSharks Beanballs© Beanballs (01-10-2012) 07-14-2020203310-05-2020
  Atlanta Aces Roaddog Roaddog (07-06-2009) 07-14-2020201208-06-2020 Yes
  Cincinnati Reds lyle lyle (01-01-2000) 07-14-2020195607-23-2020 Yes
  Los Angeles Murderers KikiWelsh KikiWelsh (11-21-2019) 07-14-2020203107-16-2020 Yes
  Miami Maduros DynastyBot None Under control of DynastyBot; trades are not currently being accepted. (07-13-2020) 07-13-2020203007-13-2020
  New York Turncoats Splinter© Splinter (05-05-2020) 07-13-2020203411-05-2020
  Pittsburgh River Cats historymann49 historymann49 Always willing to listen to interesting proposals. Jack and Jill went up the hill to make a withdrawal from their savings account. A giant ate them. (02-06-2020) 07-14-2020202208-12-2020 Yes
  San Francisco FlyingDogs TRINITY731 TRINITY731 Looking to buy/sell some... (07-03-2015) 07-14-2020203309-05-2020 Yes
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