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Orlando Cepeda League (AAA)
Last game played: Thu Oct 01 03:46:16 PM Eastern Time
Commish: caseystengel
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TeamOwner*PM   Email AddressTeam NotesLast ActiveOwner SinceRenewedSubscription?
  Baltimore War Tigers natedally natedally (01-01-2000) 09-30-2020201010-10-2020 Yes
  Boston Blaze Kayarayak Kayarayak (06-14-2010) 10-01-2020210910-10-2020 Yes
  Chicago Thunder joetinker joetinker (07-27-2006) 10-01-2020223211-23-2020 Yes
  Cleveland Empire Hammer5 Hammer5 World Series Champions (1) AAA-2224 American League Champs (1) AAA-2224 (04-18-2020) 09-30-2020222010-13-2020 Yes
  Detroit Centurions boomerwells boomerwells Always willing to listen to offers. Will make offers, please counter if you have interest!! (12-27-2013) 10-01-2020216710-04-2020
  Kansas City Blue Sox TLD4 TLD4 (09-13-2010) 09-29-2020205810-24-2020 Yes
  New York Scorpions postal99 postal99 (01-01-2000) 09-30-2020201010-15-2020 Yes
  Washington Kodkod FourSixThree FourSixThree (09-03-2009) 10-01-2020210510-15-2020 Yes
  Brooklyn Bridge Leonard Leonard World Series Champions: 2204 (Majors); 2197 (AA); 2186 (Majors); 2164 (Majors); 2159 (AAA); 2158 (AA) (01-27-2019) 09-30-2020222610-12-2020 Yes
  Chicago Dirt Dawgs danno38852 danno38852 (04-21-2011) 10-01-2020221510-26-2020
  Cincinnati Changelings Aeros Aeros In very bad need of pitching, starting and relievers. (09-09-2020) 09-30-2020222610-06-2020 Yes
  Milwaukee Daleks jzirker jzirker (05-30-2019) 10-01-2020219210-08-2020 Yes
  New York Miners DeepThreat DeepThreat (09-17-2020) 10-01-2020223312-17-2020 Yes
  Philadelphia Nationals ttreese ttreese Since 2177 (43 seasons): Majors Champs 2x Majors NL Champs 3x Majors Playoffs 10x AAA Playoffs 2x AA League Champs 1x (07-09-2020) 10-01-2020217710-22-2020 Yes
  Pittsburgh Steelers Napper Napper (07-04-2020) 09-30-2020223001-04-2021
  St. Louis Peppers wyllis53 wyllis53 Looking for youth and draft choices. (01-11-2016) 10-01-2020208310-10-2020 Yes
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