Sim Dynasty


Jimmy Wynn League
A.L. Standings
Team W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
Boston Wolfpack
Owner: mitchsox PM
2410.706--8-2W 2
Los Angeles Vipers
Owner: sirguru75 PM
2311.6761.06-4W 2
Anaheim All-Stars
Owner: DynastyBot No PM
2014.5884.07-3W 5
Minnesota Hammers
Owner: DynastyBot No PM
1618.4718.05-5L 2
Toronto Bluebirds
Owner: hark12 PM
1618.4718.04-6L 1
Baltimore Blue Knights
Owner: postal99 PM
1519.4419.06-4W 1
Oakland Athletics
Owner: redsfan43 PM
1321.38211.02-8L 3
Washington Braves
Owner: Gunslinger777 PM
925.26515.02-8L 5
N.L. Standings
Team W  L   Pct.    GB   L10Strk
Milwaukee Eggmen
Owner: walrus655321 PM
2212.647--9-1L 1
San Francisco CoMpToNz GiAnTz
Owner: compton10101010 PM
2212.647--8-2W 5
Cincinnati Nobles
Owner: DynastyBot No PM
2014.5882.05-5W 1
New York White Elephants
Owner: edmortimer PM
1816.5294.06-4W 1
Chicago Wizards
Owner: Jeejo PM
1618.4716.04-6W 2
Philadelphia domiNATEors
Owner: natehoyt83 PM
1618.4716.04-6L 1
St. Louis Cardinals
Owner: wkcarp PM
1519.4417.03-7L 4
Los Angeles Cottonmouths
Owner: Reagan1980 PM
727.20615.01-9L 7

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