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Advanced strategy rules work similar to inbox rules in a mail program: You set up a range of situations that trigger the rule, and the first rule that matches the situation will be used.

When you add an advanced strategy, you will get a blank strategy rule:


This rule acts similar to a single line in the other strategy pages, except instead of being for a particular zone, down and distance, it's for a specific situation.

By default, the situation will encompass pretty any score, time and field position, but will have no quarters or downs selected. You need to edit it down to the situation you want. For example, if you want your strategy to happen on 1st or 2nd down when there are 5 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and the clock is stopped, check the 2nd quarter box, check the 1st and 2nd down boxes, set Seconds Left to 0 to 300, and set the clock to Stopped.

Score Diff is your score in relation to your opponent, so if you want the strategy to take effect when you are tied or have a lead of 7 or less, set it to 0 to 7.

Downs work similar to Quarters; check the downs in which you want your strategy to take effect.

Time outs left feels a little unintuitive, but it works the same as quarters and downs. If, for example, you want a strategy to take effect when you have exactly 1 or 2 timeouts left, uncheck 0 and 3.

Right now, the only "Special Action" is to go for it; naturally, this will mostly be used on 4th down situations (although it may have use in overtime or last-second situations when you want to override the possibility of kicking a field goal).

Finally, we get to the actual strategies. These are set like any other strategy: a number for the percentage of time to run the strategy, and the strategy itself. Note that advanced strategies are not affected by any of the sliders or the modifiers on the Time Management page; if you specify an advanced strategy it will go off as specified.

Here's an example to go for it on 4th down and short in the middle of the 4th quarter when down by a touchdown:


You can verify that the strategy will be used as expected by using the Strategy Tester. This page uses the exact same code that the game does to pick your strategy. Simply set up a situation and submit it to the tester to see what your team is going to do.


Here I've changed the time remaining so it no longer fits our advanced strategy:


You can have as many advanced strategies as you want; they will be processed in order (you can drag and drop them into the proper order), and if none of them fit your regular strategies will be used.

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