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Newbie Information

In a nutshell I will cover the game and its most important points. There are countless threads the go into minute detail of all aspects, and I encourage you to find and read them all.



[edit] How the simulation works

Pitchers abilities are divided into three main categories Endurance, Velocity and Control. Control is the more important of the two, very few pitchers have success with less than B- control.

A C+/B+ pitcher is likely to be a decent long/middle relief where an B+/C+ pitcher, is only good on a completely rebuilding team

Endurance for SPs is important and straight forward a B- guy will give 6-7 innings. Where it becomes very important is relievers, especially closers. Relievers with a D- endurance may face 5-8 batters depending on rest before getting tired. There is no pitch count as far as I know.

5 batters? Your closer comes in and gets 2 quick outs walks one and gives up a hit. The 5ft batter is facing a tired pitcher

Your pitchers health level is located in "Rotation & Bullpen" under Manager.


Batters abilities are Contact and Power versus L and R. The most desirable is Power

Ossie Hammond is the best example of high contact low power guys. Click on his name to see his career, don't fool yourselves into believing you got Pete Rose or Tony Gwynn."

Speed also comes into play. That I learned by Trial and Error. High Power Low contact guys will produce, but strike out a lot too.

Oscar McCarthy over 6 seasons(with improvements) has a batting average of .259, has averaged 25 HRs/89 RBIs a season, he also never struck out less than 111 times

The Defensive abilities Range and Arm are not all important, except Arm on catcher, which helps throw out baserunners. Errors made are a calculation of Arm and range causing failure. A High range does not mean your CF will be able to field more balls. However their is talk of a code change to improve this.

Position: A player can change positions by constantly playing him at another position, or by stating this at the minor league level, however the position change rate in the minors is not worth the CPs.

click on Manny Ryan's name and scroll down you'll see that he is a third baseman with A+ ratings at both Short and second. He was originally a 2B then he switched to SS and spent the last two seasons backing up a weak 3B

Other abilities are as follows:

Mentoring and Leadership: Leadership affects mentoring and mentoring affects improvement chances(ICs) both appear on the players 28th Birthday with mentoring improving with age.

Health: Never improves but pitchers can see them get worse. It affects injuries, for batters it affects rest time, I believe it does for relievers

Buzz Leonard has a D heath and never player over 135 games. This inevitably will affect ICs

Bunt: has little impact on the game, non improvable

Letter Grades and Improvements

Every player is assigned a numerical score for a given ability of 0-100, this is broken down into letters F.....0-4 D-...4-12 D...13-20 D+.21-28 C-..29-36 C...37-44 C+.45-52 B-..53-60 B...61-68 B+.69-76 A-..77-84 A...85-92 A+.93-100

How you you improve a player. All players under 22 years old improve better in the minors. In the minors every Manager has 15 CP to place with a maximum of 5 on one player, this is the recommended path, and a hidden CP, placed on every player in the minors, with a min of 15. After every game ABE draws 2 random number based on how many CPs you have, min 30, That number is used to determine who will get the ICs for that game

It is Ideal that you put 5 CPs on your top prospects and keep your minor leagues to 15. this will increase your chance to improve your player.

Lets say identical triplets were drafted by 3 teams (they are C all the way thru)

Team A has 3 prospects with 5 CPs and 15 minor leaguers Team B has 5 Prospects with 3 CPs and 12 minor leaguers Team C has 3 prospects with 5 CPs and 25 Minor leaguers

All three teams have a similar can't miss prospect that is 18

Odds on that player getting an IC

Team A 5cps + 1(from ABE) divided by (15 ICS+15 ICs(one each minor leaguer)) = 6/30 or 20% chance

Team B (3cp+1)/(15+15(one for ea Minor leaguer to a min of 15) = 4/30 = 13.3% and should the drawn CP fall on 13, 14, 15(where there are no players) no IC will be assigned

Team C (5+1)/15+25)=6/40 = 15%

Over the course of a season 162 games, 2 ICs per game it means

Team A 64.8 ICs Team B 43.1 ICs Team C 48.6 ICs

Take an average 65% success rate over 5 seasons

Team A will have 211 improves for 7 categories or 30 per category. Team B will have 140 improvements or 20 per category, albeit over 5 players, and Team C will get 158 improves or 22.5 per category.

Team A player will be B+ all the way thru, Team B and C players will be B, but team B will have 5 such players

Major league Improvements peak between 23-26 and ICs are based as follows

The calculation is roughly

AB/10*mentor factor for hitters, click here for updated info ((G*1.5)+(IP))*mentor factor/5

This Thread show the rate of improvement for Minor leaguers, and the best age group to improve for Major leaguers

Jim Petit was on his way to becoming an A or at worst an A- player until he was traded. Scroll down on his player card and click on Improvements. Notice in his prime improvement years with Milwaukee he scored 23, 26, 24 and 19 ICs where in a lesser year he got 63. Do the math with his sucess rate in those seasons 52%,34%, 25%, 36%. An extra 40 chances per season would have given him 21, 14,10, and 16 for a total of 61 minimum improvements, which is essentially a letter grade per category.

Mentor factor is a score assigned to your teams overall mentoring ability(as seen on your Lineup and Rotation and Bullpen pages), average mentor score is C+, a B- will bring you an extra 5 or 6, and a C will drop you r total by 3 or 4 per season.

Also should you pitch an SP out of the Bullpen his endurance will drop.

Once you bring a prospect up, you can see why it is important to play him. Even sitting Mike McStud against Lefties will limit his at bats by 100 per season and his improvement chances.

So in Conclusion I would say the only reason you'd bring a guy up early 22 or under

1) You need the CPs for other prospects 2) You are contending

[edit] Manager Prefs

Here is where you are manager and everything is straight forward.

For Pitchers the only thing I can say is that if you like bringing your closer in in the 8th, then make sure your PH preference under the line Alway Pinch hit for relievers in the...put 10th.

If you pinch hit for Starters in the fifth...That is the 5ft top or bottom.

Stealing is an interesting function, I am still tweaking. I go for Ultra Aggressive on most situations and A runners are Ultra and B get Moderate, and the rest conservative. A catchers Agressive and the rest ultra agressive. I Weight more towards Speed and Catchers Arm, and pay little attention to situation, score and Inning. My team went 314 SB/154 CS last season. For less Steals and a better percentage keep everything the same, but A arms are moderate, B aggressive, and the rest Ultra

The rest of the functions you should learn and tweak on your own.

Setting your lineup and Backups are straight forward, as is Rotation and Bullpen, remember what I said about endurance and your closer.

Note a player can play when his health is below Max, once it is at min, ABE will automatically rest him. The SPs cycle normally and will only pitch when fully rested, if no SP is fully rested, then ABE will pick the most rested pitcher to start be it SPs or RPs

If your lineup includes players with C- health or worse, get a a good backup or two.

[edit] Player Movements

Every trade should be evaluated for your needs. If the player fits your mold then there is no overpaying, that being said you try to do as best as you can not to.

Be aware of the waiver Wire, there really isn't much out there during the season, but keep an eye out. There 3 types of WW players "Options" "Waivers" and "Free Agents" , any free agent can be claimed and the player is sent to your Minors. A player on waivers can be claimed by multiple teams during the Waiver period and is assigned to the weakest team after the period, or becomes a free agent. A player on options will be sent to his original teams' minor league if no one claims him in 4 days, if someone does claim him, the team may reclaim him, or let him go to the worst team claiming. Reclaims may be done once per season per player.

If you want to release a player go to the waiver wire and click on Waive a player without a claim. Also good to note, if you option someone to the minor leagues, when one team or more claim that player the amount of teams claiming are list as a number beside the Player's name. If you want to reclaim click on the "options" just left of the players name, the same way you'd claim a player.

There is a disabled list min 15 days, once Sept 1 hits you can "rest" your vets, younger players can be sent to the minors, to allow September call ups.

Beware of Human nature, if you low ball a trade offer,and come back multiple times with improved offers, the opposing owner is likely to be less welcoming of your subsequent advances. Also throw ins that are useless should be left off the table, because teams tend to focus on those players

Some people say "Don't trade your 1st pick" Let me tell you, if you have the right deal or need a player to make the playoffs then by all means trade your first pick. What is a first pick worth, for poor teams, the first pick is usually going to be a star, so you want a star or a hot prospect for that pick. the low picks are hit and miss, but if you are constantly picking below ten, then you are past this advice.

Your best resources are your fellow owners, and the Questions and Answers thread. Where you can ask any question and someone is bound to answer with good advice.

Take part when you can, post as much as you can, keep it interesting and respect your fellow owners. With all simulations there are way to bend reality, some owners like this, and others hate it. If you play the game the way it was meant to be played, you will be universally respected.

[edit] Number #1 message board question

How do you link a player's card?

Simply type [url=paste the card address here]Player name[/url]

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