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Leagues in Sim Dynasty Baseball cannot change size during their existence; they must always have the same number of teams they started with. Occasionally, departures in a league cause teams to go without an owner for an extended period. When two teams with similar rules lose a large number of owners, we keep those leagues healthy by merging them together.

When two (or more) leagues are merged, the teams participating in the merge are copied into a brand new league, usually with 24 teams rather than 16. Because the teams are copied, rather than moved, the new teams and players no longer have any sort of history: statistics, win/loss records, etc. stay with the original leagues. Players on teams that are not participating in the merge will simply disappear. However, each player card in the new league will have a link to the old player card, and both leagues' Hall of Fame will be visible in the new league

Usually, there are conflicts between cities in a merge, for example a Brooklyn in both leagues. We will allow the owner who has had the team for the most seasons keep his city, and the other owner will be asked to select a new city, or one may be assigned.

The merge will happen after both leagues have their amateur draft. Both leagues will have their waiver wires transferred to the new league. PLayers drafted by the departing teams will disappear; this is necessary to keep the proper number of players in the league.

If the leagues are Dynasty leagues, any remaining credit on the original teams will be transferred to the new teams. For Subscription league merges, you must log in to PayPal and cancel your subscription to the old league. Any credit you have will be transferred to the new league, and then you can use the Renewal page to establish a new subscription.

Because the league looks like a new league to the system, there is an odd side effect in that all players are eligible for Rookie of the Year in the first season of the new league.

Other effects include draft settings and manager strategies are not transferred; you will need to set these up in the new league.

Although merges can feel a bit stressful and disorienting, especially with the loss of history, most merged leagues take on an identity of their own after a couple of seasons and end up much stronger and more competitive.

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