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Sim Dynasty Baseball has 3 different types of multi-season pay leagues. Dynasty, Subscription, and Term Leagues. We also have free Trial leagues which exist for three half-seasons and are then restarted from scratch.



[edit] Dynasty Leagues

Dynasty leagues play 3 games per day with seasons running about 2 months. The cost for these leagues starts at $10.95 per season, with discounts for purchasing multiple seasons at one time.

At this time, we don't start new Dynasty leagues. But you can still get into a Dynasty league as a Replacement owner in an existing league. We also typically offer discounts on these teams. Dynasty seasons end around January 15th, March 15th, May 15th, July 15th, September 15th, and November 15th. We usually start looking for new owners 15 days before the season ends. Check the home page, or Latest News on the message boards, around this time to see which teams are available.

Dynasty leagues are the only paid league that can be paid for using Dynasty Dollars, which can be earned through winning trial or Dynasty league games, making purchases from our merchant partners, or referring new owners to the site.

[edit] Subscription and Term Leagues

These leagues are very similar to one another. These leagues typically play more than 3 games per day. Owners in Subscription leagues pay for leagues via a PayPal monthly subscription; the league does not pause when teams are available for sale. Term leagues are purchased in 8 month blocks, and the league will pause as owners are replaced at the end of each 8 month term.

Unlike Dynasty leagues, Subscription and Term leagues may have custom rules, some enforced by the game engine and others that are enforced by the league's Commish.

[edit] Immediate Openings

Current openings for expansion or replacement are available at the available teams page. The leagues are already in existence and may have special rules that you will need to review before purchasing. Teams may be password protected in which case you should read the commissioner's comments for instructions and/or contact them via U2U or post.

[edit] Searching for a New Pay League

New pay leagues form based upon interest. You may express interest and register for email updates on new leagues at our Pay League Page.

If you are interested in forming a private league, visit the Private League Information Forum for more details. Applications are accepted at

[edit] Subscription and Term League Costs

There are 3 different stages you can join one of these leagues. It can be a new league (New Teams), it can be a league that is at the end of the 8 month term (Expansion Teams), or it can be a league where one of the owners has abandoned his team (Replacement Teams). Expansion Teams participate in an Expansion Draft, where all the players from teams leaving the league are dispersed to the new teams entering the league. Replacement Teams receive whatever is left in the 8 month term, plus the next 8 month term.

The costs for these leagues varies depending on games per day.

Games per Day New Team Expansion Team Replacement Team Number of Seasons
3 $50 $30 $40 4
6 $55 $35 $45 8
9 $60 $40 $50 12
12 $65 $45 $55 14
15 $70 $50 $60 17

[edit] Ladder Leagues

The Orlando Cepeda League is a tiered/ladder league, similar to international soccer leagues. There is a ML, AAA, AA, and A league. The top four teams each season move up a division, and the bottom four move down. Seasons run 9 games per day. Orlando Cepeda League Forum

[edit] Single Season Leagues

[edit] Trial Leagues

Trial Leagues are free leagues that conduct an initial draft and play three half-seasons of baseball. Trial Leagues were created for owners to test out Sim Dynasty before jumping in right into a Dynasty League or for other owners to gain more experience. The game play is nearly the same as the Dynasty Leagues, except that teams are not continued past the 1953 season.

Trial owners have the same trade options available to them as Dynasty owners. League message boards are available for each league, and there is a Sim Dynasty message board available for all owners to post questions or share ideas or just ask questions.

ABE simulates games three times a day for Trial and Dynasty Leagues. Each calendar day a team plays a three-game series with an opponent in their league. There is no inter-league play. Each league starts and finishes each season on the same calendar day. The entire season will run approximately 2 months in real time. You can view the entire schedule for your team by going to Team Results.

To sign-up for a Trial league, go the the [ Sim Dynasty site], make sure you are logged in, and click on Owner --> Sign Up.

[edit] Replacement Teams

Some Trial owners may abandon their teams - or sign-up for the league and never return to try the game. The replacement team feature allows you to play the game within minutes by taking over a team that has been abandoned by someone else. This is the quickest way to check out the features of the site and the game. There is no waiting for the draft and the league has already been filled and is in progress.

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