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Tiebreakers are used as necessary to determine the winner of a division, the Wild Card berths in each conference and home field advantage in the playoffs. They are also used on a weekly basis to sort the Standings page. Finally, tiebreakers may be applied to the entire league to determine the draft order.

The tiebreakers are not exactly the same as the tiebreaking procedures used by the NFL but they are similar enough that any differences in results between the two procedures should be rare.



[edit] Playoff Seeding

In each conference, the division winners receive the top seeds. They are ordered in terms of record, with the division tie-breaking rules being used if necessary. The Wild Card teams get ranked next, also based on record and using the wildcard tiebreaker rules.

To determine home field advantage between division winners, the Wild Card tie-breaking system is used. To determine home field between two Wild Card teams, the division tiebreakers are used if the teams are in the same division, and the Wild Card tiebreakers are used otherwise.

[edit] Applying tiebreakers

At each level of tiebreaking (division, wild card and draft order), the teams are sorted by their won-lost-tied records. Starting from the top, the tiebreakers are applied to each group of tied teams until one or more of the teams in the group has a tie broken and is placed in a specific standings position. The process then starts again, from the top of the standings and the top of the tiebreaker list, until all ties are broken.

A log of how the tiebreakers have been applied is available for the current standings. Logs are not kept for prior weeks or years. This log shows where ties are broken; if a tiebreaker level is mentioned but there is no information for it, that tiebreaker did not resolve any ties. When a tie is broken, the teams that are moved higher in the standings are moved up to their appropriate standings order and are shown in the log; the team or teams left on the original standings order are not shown.

[edit] Division Tiebreakers

[edit] Wild Card Tiebreakers

Note: If a team is tied with a division leader, the division leader is sorted to the top to get them out of the wild card calculations.

[edit] Draft Order Tiebreakers

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