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[edit] What does a Commish do?

The main responsibility is to post teams when they leave the league. You might need to track down an owner to see if he really wants to leave the league, or answer questions from prospective owners.

Other responsibilities are mostly around keeping the league organized and within rules. For instance, keeping an eye out for message board violations or potential fights. If a league wants to change a rule, you'll be the one that lets us know so the voting can be setup.

The Commish is effectively the representative of their league to the rest of the site and to us. When there is a problem with something in the league, you should let us know. The golden rule of being a Commish is to over communicate. If there are issues, let us know sooner rather than later, particularly inter-personal issues. There are often things we can do to resolve them early on, but sometimes if they go on for too long the only thing we can do is disband the league.

If there is a discussion in the league regarding a potential rule change, such as how many days players stay on waivers, when the trade deadline is, or any other more drastic or special rule modification or addition, you should inform us BEFORE setting up an actual vote. Any rule change votes must be pre-approved by an Admin before the vote starts.

We expect the Commish will have a good feel for the pulse of the league and if we have something we need to change like what time a certain game runs, we will ask you. If there is a dispute between owners and we have to get involved, we often ask the Commish's opinion on things before making a decision. So to some degree you help make decisions for the league or organize the league to vote for something.

Commishes have an additional option under the Owner menu labeled Commish. The Commish menu allows you to post an abandoned team as available for replacement, mark teams as available for expansion (for Term leagues only), and set a league password when necessary. Teams that have been listed for sale can be seen from the available teams page at for baseball and for football.

Expansion teams in term leagues are for owners not renewing at the 8 month point - new teams do an Expansion draft in this case. You can optionally password protect this signup process if you want a particular owner to sign up. The most common mistake we see is Expansion teams being added as Replacement teams. If someone is not renewing, they should be under Expansion teams. If you are unsure where to add a team, please ask. Note that subscription leagues can only use the replacement/abandoned team option.

When adding a team, please allow up to 5 minutes for the page to load as it is emailing people interested in that team. Also, try to write as descriptive a comment as possible, the team will get taken faster that way.

Finally, a reminder that your username on the Message Boards says "Moderator" next to it. Keep this in mind when posting on the general boards like Off Topic and Questions & Answers as some people (particularly new users) take this to mean that you represent the site.

[edit] Emergencies

Anything that you feel is an emergency, or especially anything that is time sensitive, please contact us by posting a private message in Support with the Emergency & Urgent box checked (this is the last checkbox at the bottom of a new thread). This will cause all three Admins to be paged, 24 hours a day. We strive to make sure everything in the Support forum is looked at normally within 24 hours, but some things (like if the league needs to be paused to prevent further problems) need to be looked at immediately.

If it is something that isn't really urgent, we ask that you consider the time of day when using this feature between 2AM and 10AM Eastern time (Tyson is on Pacific Time, Jet on Central Time, and Chris on Eastern Time).

[edit] When is a team considered "abandoned"?

The site policy for what makes a team abandoned is 4 weeks in 3gpd leagues; 3 weeks in 6 and 9gpd leagues; and 2 weeks in 12 and 15gpd (and higher) leagues. For 1gpd football leagues, a team is abandoned after 3 weeks. However, it's at your discretion if you want to give the owner more time.

If you have any questions about whether to post a particular team, feel free to post a private message in Support.

[edit] Logging in as another owner

In the case of an abandoned team, or if an owner is out of town and has made arrangements with the Commish to handle the team, a Commish has the ability to log into another owner's team in the league. Note that this feature is only currently available on the baseball simulator.

The Commish may log into a team if the owner has configured this permission in his profile, or if the owner has been inactive for 2 weeks or delinquent for 1 week. If you need access at other times, post a private message in Support.

To log in, go to the League Info page and you will see a Login link for teams that meet the criteria above. When you are finished with the team, simply switch back to your own team from the Owner -> My Teams menu.

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