Sim Dynasty

League Rules

Andres Galarraga League Rules

Minor League System4
Injury System3
Development Curve System1
Retirement System3
Batter Improvement System3
Player Mentoring System2
Team Mentoring System2
Winning Percentage ModifierOff
Attribute DisplayLetters
Hidden Major League ImprovementsNo
Hidden Minor League ImprovementsNo
Catcher Rule Percentage50%
Required Major League Catchers 2
Amateur Draftee Populate Date11PM after league reaches 09-01
Postseason Eligibility Date Before 09-01
Years Out Draft Picks can be Traded4
Number of Days to clear the Waiver Wire7
Pause Days after OffSeason0
Seasons between fence adjustments2
Seasons between stadium constructions5
Fence distance+height down baselines305 - 380 ft.
Fence distance+height to center400 - 480 ft.
Sum of all fence distances+heights1750 - 2000 ft.
Artificial turf allowedYes
Additional Rules