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Team owner: Covid18 PM, last active on 07-10-2020

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Notes from team owner Covid18: I have plenty of talent on this team. Make an offer.  (Updated 2020-06-23)
Majors Minors
Starting Pitchers Starting Pitchers
Kobe Thorpe25A-L1st StarterA+C-
Tommy FinnB+28D+D+R2nd StarterC+A+C+
Razor ThompsonB+25A-R3rd StarterB-B-
Tom Codiroli On trade block since 2002-03-25: The greatest pitcher in the history of the AFL.B+28D-R4th StarterC+B-
Riggs CottierB+36B-A-L5th StarterC+A+C+
Freddy Righetti On trade block since 2002-04-01: I am the Yao Ming of Italian Baseball.B-19RA-D+
Relief Pitchers Relief Pitchers
Frank McGuireB+34D+B-LLong Relief AD-B-A+
Craig Davalillo On trade block since 2002-05-24: 23-170, 7.89 career ERA. What's not to like?B+33B+B+LMiddle Relief AC+A+C+
Monty KoufaxB+25B-RSetup ManB-A-
Fred GladdingB+26RSetup/CloserA-B+
Count Jensen26RCloser
Fudge ToppinB+24RB+B+
Kent Gettemout On trade block since 2002-04-01: I used to be the Kobe Bryant of Russian Baseball, but I became the Greg Popovich of Albanian Cricket. B+26RC-B-A-
Chris Robbins24RC-A+
George Dyson21RD-A+D+
Ed HeusserB-18LB+C+
Catcher Catcher
Tetsuro Wakabayashi Batting Order: 5, Position: CatcherCA-28B+C+A-A-A-B+C+A+
Elliott Ash Batting Order: 5, Position: Catcher On trade block since 2001-07-04: Solid. Sturdy. Responsive. Serious. Cogent.CB+33D+A+B-C-
Jermaine McHiggenlooperC26B-B+A-B-C-B+
Joe FergusonC22C+B+B+B-C+
Dave WhiteCC+25A+C+B-
First Base First Base
Larry Devine1B/SSA-31B+C+A+B-A+
Syd Roy On trade block since 2002-05-31: .295 career hitter. 88 walks give him a .380 OBP. Speed, decent defense. Has a .428 SLG % as well.1BB+30C+C-A+C+A+B-B-A-
Lou Smith Batting Order: 8, Position: First Base Batting Order: 8, Position: First Base On trade block since 2001-10-06: Can play C or 1B. Plenty of power vs LHP. Not fast, but makes up for it by not being very bright.1B/C29C+C-B-A-B+A+B-A-
Second Base Second Base
Isao Umeda On trade block since 2002-04-01: I am the Yao Ming of Japanese Baseball.2B/SSB+31B-B-B+A-A-B+
Kal Winford Batting Order: 3, Position: Second Base Batting Order: 2, Position: Second Base2BB+31A+A-B+A-B-
Third Base Third Base
Aurelio Barbary Batting Order: 2, Position: Third Base Batting Order: 6, Position: Third Base3BB+31B-A+B+B+B+
Blitz Wrangler3B21B-B-A+C+B-C+
Shortstop Shortstop
Ed Chatham Batting Order: 7, Position: Shortstop Batting Order: 7, Position: ShortstopSS/2BB+27C-B+A-B+A+B-
Bill RussellSSC+20D-C-B-B-C-C-
Willy MaursSSC+19D+B-C+C-
Brad McNamaraSS18C-C-C-C+A+D+
Left Field Left Field
Rich Hudson On trade block since 2002-08-16: A- overall OF with no discernible weakness. Just a 2nd round pick, and he can be had.LFA-33B+B+A-A-C+A-
Tom Johnson Batting Order: 6, Position: Center Field Batting Order: 3, Position: Center FieldOFB+30A-A+B-A+C+
Terrance Puhl Batting Order: 1, Position: Left Field Batting Order: 1, Position: Left FieldLF/RFB+23C-A+B-C+A-C+
Larry MessinaLF/CFB+29D+A+A+B-A+A-
Eros LoveletterLF25C+A-C+B+B+B-D+
Center Field Center Field
Ray Oldham Batting Order: 4, Position: Right Field Batting Order: 4, Position: Right FieldCF/RFA-29C-A-A+C+
Steve GarveyCF19A-A-B+B-B+C+
Dee StroidCF23A+A-B-B-
Right Field Right Field
Bubba JohnsonRFB+27C+A-A-B+A-C+B-B-
25 players on active roster. 16 players on minor league roster.
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